Sulayman Sowe

Dear reader,

My name is Sulayman Sowe and I was born in the year of 1967 in Banjul then Bathurst, Gambia.

I started my schooling in Essay primary school in the north bank division in 1974. Only to start again in 1976 at Kafuta primary primary school after being treated from Essay. I was again transferred to Bulock, st. John primary school from 1977 to 1981. Ever sitting my common entrance exams I moved to Brikama secondary technical school from 1982 to 1986, here I finally completed my secondary education.

I was introduced to the art of woodcarving by my brother, Ebou Sowe (deceased) who at the time was operating a shop in Brikama craft market. He was also serving as the president of said market. I served under him for six years as an apprentice (Fine finisher of carved product)

I started wood carving in 1990 in Kololi Senegambia tourism area where I was inspired by a benoire wood sculptor called Comlan from Benin republic due to his fine ways of wood sculpting.

I have attended many exhibitions both national and international, and arts completions. Notably the national one is the international craft completion organised by ASSET association of small scale enterprises in tourism in 2005. I am proud to say that I happened to win in both categories. I took first in the artistic category and second in the utilities category or practical category.

My art work includes making hotel logos for entrances and lobbies, and other art decos such as carved doors, counters for bars and restaurants, night clubs etc.

I started making wooden urns in early 2008 to which I was introduced by a Dutch lady name *witheld* for commercial reasons. She was really dedicated to see that it was successful by setting up a little company. At the start it went slowly but successful, to an extend that in one of the exhibitions she won as second of one the most unique products of the show.

We also attended the BIFA show in Dusseldorf in Germany to show our products in 2010.

This dynamic lady of exceptional quality promoted this beautiful small company with all her might so that this company becomes successful and that our product received a place in the famous Dutch uitvaart museum in Amsterdam. I will do anything to make sure her legacy remain firm in the Gambia.

Before the demise of this beautiful angelic lady she introduce me to another good friend of her who also works tirelessly with a great heart in till she was taking this company to higher heights.

But, to misunderstanding between her and the family including me the producer... we decided to opt out for genuine reason.

As her legacy and live for the Gambia and her people I wish to reassure all customers who are to buy these products (urns) a percentage will be reserved and put into a special fund for tree planting every August by we her friends and good ones in the Gambia. Here to keep her spirit and of her late husband alive as this is one of the things she wish and always confide in me because of her love for nature and the environment. So your support will be deeply appreciated to keep the flame burning.

Thank you.

Sulayman Sowe.